• A worker is not just another person in the company but a participatory social actor.
  • We have implemented a self-control system that guarantees constant mutual recognition.
  • Everyone must be considered and respected in their individuality, regardless of their position, age, color, ethnicity, sex, origin or religion.
  • Remuneration for your work must be fair and adequate, equal for all those who work in the same profession.
  • We must guarantee stability, pleasant, safe and organized working conditions.
  • We must guarantee training, whether theoretical or in a work context, so that employees do not feel inadequate and are afraid of making mistakes.
  • We must accept suggestions, complaints and improvement proposals, allowing motivation, commitment and proactivity to be constant attitudes.
  • We must guarantee equal opportunities for career development and promotion to everyone who demonstrates the ability to do so.
  • Do not use or allow the use of discriminatory, offensive, sexist, racist language or any other form that may violate the integration and participation rights of each worker.
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