Company founded in the civil metalwork sector, by António Gonçalves Dias.


Due to the growth of the activity, it was felt necessary to form the company, taking Maria de Jesus Mendes Dias as its partner, with the company name being:

“Gomel – Metalúrgica Gonçalves & Mendes, Lda.”

It is mainly relevant in the manufacture and assembly of metallic structures for Industrial Pavilions, Mezzanines, Roofs, Facades, Bridges, among others.

Its activities include profiling services, namely cutting and bending, automatic and manual stripping, painting and metallization.

The company Gomel has its presence and position marked through professionalism and quality in metal construction, maintaining a team of 25 qualified technicians in the area they perform.

Always trying to reconcile the good functioning of the collection of our ideas with the needs of those who seek us, developing our activity in Portugal and in the international market.


Gomel’s Mission is to be an unavoidable reference in providing solutions for the industry in general, recognized for innovation, competence and adaptation of solutions to the client’s specificities. Our products and services generate value for the customer and for society by anticipating environmental challenges and integrating economic and social components into the solutions we propose.


Gomel’s Vision is: Develop smart projects aiming at a better world!

Human Resources

The company is made up of a senior technical team with experience in the metalworking industry, and work in the area of ​​maintenance and restoration. It is a dynamic, entrepreneurial and motivated team, with know-how aligned with the vision, which includes metal products, assembly, restoration and conservation.

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